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Bill Kennedy: The mistake boot, building ACs, Black boxes & AI in software - The Reliability Podcast

The Reliability podcast aims to speak with engineers who have worked on large, complex systems and glean through their learnings. What best practices should one imbibe? What are non-negotiable learnings to become better at a craft? What’s ‘engineering’ going to be like with the advent of AI? We answer these and more tracing personal journeys of engineers who have built stellar careers around decoding the innumerable intricacies of software engineering. The Reliability Podcast website: https://thereliability.org/ Piyush’s twitter: https://twitter.com/realmeson10 Bill Kennedy’s twitter: https://twitter.com/goinggodotnet Transcript link: https://thereliability.org/episodes/S3H4U8EoWK8#Teaser Prefer audio?👇 Google podcasts: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cHM6Ly9hbmNob3IuZm0vcy9lOWE5MGExYy9wb2RjYXN0L3Jzcw/episode/ZTkzYjNmYzgtNzgzNi00OTUzLWIzODQtNTRkNGM1Yjg5MTU0?sa=X&ved=0CAUQkfYCahcKEwjAiZbd_s6BAxUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAQ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5CLAMtjBmJA0dZy2HX8yCH?si=35aa4e63b3f44400 OUTLINE: 00:00 - Teaser 00:49 - Introduction 01:14 - How did Bill become an engineer 04:44 - Why the love for engineering 06:42 - What does it take to stay relevant in engineering? 09:00 - Persistence in the job 11:12 - College and curiosity 13:42 - The mistake boot 15:12 - What’s missing in engineering 18:39 - QA for 2 weeks rule 20:57 - Empathy with code 22:25 - Permanent software, ephemeral job 24:42 - I build Air Conditioners 27:26 - Relevance of 'engineering' in software 30:38 - WeWork-ization of software 33:26 - The cost of cloud 37:40 - Compute as a black box 39:20 - ​​The beauty of Kubernetes 41:55 - Don't use a debugger to find bugs 44:46 - We need more QA 46:37 - Engineers fail at finding bugs 48:27 - NASA and bugs 51:48 - Build fast, ship fast? 54:01 - Burning territory 01:00:40 - Zero Trust Reliability 01:04:42 - AI in software 01:07:28 - How to use AI in coding 01:09:25 - A mental mode for code 01:11:09 - AI as a sidekick programmer SOCIAL CHANNELS: Twitter - https://twitter.com/last9io Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/company/last9/